09-19-2021 1 Thessalonians 2

Kerby also answers two questions: "Was the Hold Spirit in heaven before Jesus died on the cross?" and "What are some books or other ways to build up / protect young people?" Lesson Slides Lesson Video

09-23-2021 Dr. Ray Bohlin at Probe Ministries

Thursday Sept 23 – 7pm Are there scientific arguments for the existence of God? Join Probe Ministries to hear Dr Ray Bohlin unpack the book The Return of the God Hypothesis by Dr Stephen Meyer. He will talk about the beginning of the universe, the fine tuning of the...

Booklets by Kerby Anderson and Point of View Ministries

To acquire one of these booklets, please visit the Point of View studio. Point of View has a display rack with free copies of these booklets. While you are there, you can observe Kerby's National Broadcast, weekdays, Noon to 3 PM, from their sound proof conference room.

2019-04-29 Serve Day

Prestonwood Serve Day: Union Gospel Mission Women's & Children Shelter   Organizing Library, Organizing/Cleaning Craft and Storage Rooms, Kitchen and Clothes Donations.   Great Day of Service and Fellowship!

2018-12-16 Christmas Class

Christmas Class Christmas QuizMatch phrase w/ Christmas SongsSigning carols and learning the history.Christmas Outfit Contest: Brightest, Loudest (Audibly), Ugliest, Most Festive & Most Representative of True Christmas

2018-09 Jarrett Stephens Book

Jarrett Stephens Book "The Mountains Are Calling: Making the Climb for a Clearer View of God and Ourselves" was introduced on Point of View program hosted by Kerby Anderson in Sept, 2018.  Members of our class attended to support him.

2018-07 StarWatch in Greenville

July 7 2018 - Day4 Star Watch Party with Dr Jason Lisle speaking prior to the event.  We had a solar telescope during the day.  A rain storm came through about 8pm. It cleared off later in the evening. 

2018-01 12th Night Party

Jan 13, 2018. This is an annual event for us. We held the party at the Garland Bass Pro (during the day) followed by the white elephant gift exchange and scavenger hunt.

2017-08 Ladies Tea

Chocolate Angel - August 5th 3:30pm Location: Inside the Antique Mall at Plano Parkway and 75 in Plano (across from Collin Creek mall)